DPP EPlans System is All We Have Now


1. EPlans system is here and kinda operational. We in the business are learning to operate in this new system and they are changing or updating rules and procedures as we go along -- a bit frustrating. Look at the Score Card page for some additional info about EPlans.

2. If your property is in a Shoreline Area or on the Shoreline then we have a recently updated set of requirements for preparing what is known as a Special Management Area [SMA] permit. This permit is critical for any development of the property in an SMA. If the owner cannot secure an SMA permit then the DPP does not issue a building permit for any development of the property. I am in consultation with the DPP SMA group for processing these special applications. I can help if you have to supply this permit.

3.Part of this is to identify the portion of land that is expected to be flooded by a Sea Level Rise of 3.2 feet some time in the future. The State has prepared a map of the areas expected to be affected by this sea level rise and best to contact me to determine if your property is affected.  Key reason, no development in such an area on a property can be permitted.

4 NOTICE OF VIOLATION’s [NOV] continue to be on the rise!! These occur when an inspector has reason to visit a property and discovers work being performed without a permit, work not defined in an issued permit, or previously performed ‘non-permitted’ work. Owner then has 30 days to secure a permit or at least show efforts to secure a permit. Otherwise, the violation can escalate up to a civil penalty by way of a NOTICE OF ORDER [NOO]. A civil penalty is issued from the Court and spells out the $$$/day fine to owners who fail to address the NOV in a timely manner. Starting to see more of these Notice of Order's. 

If you have recieved a NOV or a NOO -- probably a good idea to call me and we can discuss your options.

5. Alert!! Beginning January 2019 the HPPD is required to follow HAR 464-13 requiring licensed engineer reviews, signatures, and stamps for any work on Condos, Townhouses, & SFH’s based on the $$ value of the work. Work values above $35k & $40k trigger the need for the PE’s work as part of the plan set.

While PE’s are loaded with large jobs, some will work with me on these smaller remodel & addition jobs. Their efforts do add costs to securing permits: Or no permit will be issued. This existing [and previously unenforced] legal requirement was not announced nor explained except by way of comments issued by reviewers 2018 on applications.

6. Aside Note: Since 2018, the reviewers are taking time to look at the full history of compliance to permits previously secured or they discover none were secured for prior work. This requires a unique approach to securing a new permit for new work. Fully 60%+ of my work the last 4 years required ‘after the fact’ permitting to be included. This adds to the reviewer’s efforts and adds to the comments: And More Time Will Be Required to prepare and process the permit application.

7. Many of our properties were built 60 - 80 years ago when Hawaii was just emerging from 'Territory Status' and entering 'Statehood Status' in 1959. As a result: Nearly all of these older properties have little to no official building records in the DPP system. Combine the age with numerous un-permitted alterations and additions over the years...means we have to present any new permit application showing 'all of the changes made' as if were recently performed and under Today's codes. If this is you, best to call me to learn the hurdles you may be up against.